What is an eMTB (Electric Mountain Bike)

by Andrew Grzina
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25 Aug 2016  |  0 Comments

A new category of Mountain Bike is the Electric Mountain Bike or eMTB for short. These bikes are similar to the commuter electric or eBikes that we have been selling since 2008.

The eMTB's have an electric assist motor mounted between the pedals with a battery pack usually mounted on the frame. They provide assistance only when pedalling and when travelling at or below 25km/h. The same rules (EN 15194) that apply to normal eBikes apple to eMTB's. Therefore these bikes are fully street legal in Australia. More specifically, the bikes that FORM + DESIGN sell are fully street legal in Australia.

These bikes are not for everyone, and there are those that say that these bikes are cheating! However consider this, these bikes have a place for different people and for different reasons.

They are easier to get up a hill:

Let's face it, Mountain Bikes are a hell of a lot of fun going downhill. Whether it be a gentle unsealed road or a full-on downhill course this is where these bikes excel. For some people going uphill is the opportunity cost of the downhill component. However, going uphill fast is also a lot of fun and eMTB's can go uphill much faster than a unpowered bike and will allow the rider the chance to do it all over again in much less time. The downhill experience is not very different in eMTB's however the bikes are about five kilograms heavier than a unpowered version.

I want to get more riding into my day:

Get an eMTB and don't spend as much time going uphill.

I'm middle aged and I can't keep up with the kids:

Problem solved! Get an eMTB! They'll struggle keeping up with you.

I'm elderly and I can't keep up with my middle aged kids:

Same as above!

I'm no longer living but I want to get out and about again:

Sorry, but we can't help you. For everyone else, what are you waiting for?

I'm an injured athlete and can't put in the full effort:

Get an eMTB and ease back into training

I just want to have fun:

Get and eMTB and ride on uphill. It's seriously fun! Of course the downhill part is fun too.



FORM + DESIGN are now into eMTB's. With bikes from various manufacturers including HAIBIKE from Germany, MERIDA and GEPIDA.

Watch the video below to get a perspective on what eMTB's have to offer.

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